Meet The Doctors

Dr. Robert Leib, D.C.
Rosemont Chiropractic
Virginia Beach

Dr. Robert Leib Graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in April of 1989.He then moved back to Long Island, New York to practice. After practicing there for three years he moved to Virginia Beach in 1992 where he has been serving the Rosemont and Little Neck area ever since. In October of 2007 he purchased Olde Towne Family Chiropractic in the Portsmouth. He has since sold that practice and it is incredible successful today. He has been a national speaker for chiropractic organizations, as well as a professor at Tidewater Community College. He gives monthly in office classes on various types of health nutrition and exercise, as well as, multiple lectures for local companies and groups each year. He is a past president of the Hampton Roads Chiropractic Association, is a past board of director for the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association. He is also a member of the International Chiropractors Association. Dr. Leib resides in the Little Neck area of Virginia Beach and enjoys golfing and relaxing on his boat out on the Chesapeake Bay with his family.

Member of the Virginia Chiropractic Association
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Dr. Robert Leib

Dr. Andy Eichorst

Dr. Andy was born in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Yes, he is an Eagles, 76ers, and Phillies fan. He joined the US Army National Guard right out of high school and attended Penn State where he got a BS in Business Management, and a 2-yr ROTC scholarship where he discovered his first passion - Flying Helicopters in the Regular Army.

He was blessed to serve in the Army, as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Executive Officer in Desert Storm, Platoon Leader in the 101st Airborne Division atFt. Campbell, Company Commander in Korea, Paratrooper & Regimental Aviation Officer in Ft. Bragg, NC and numerous other stations during his 11-year career.

Many people ask, why not 20 years in the Army. Short answer – He wanted a family in which at least the dog would know him when he got home…. In other words, he wanted a family life that wasn’t a fit for a regular Army lifestyle.

While on a spiritual retreat to Conyers, GA he found his calling. A burning bush like encounter with GOD…. “Be a chiropractor”. After prayer and more prayer, he answered the call and followed the LORD’s will into chiropractic school on faith. He’d never been to a chiropractor prior to attending chiropractic school. He simply went on faith.

His former self would never have told you, he’d be a doctor, nor be a part of something so big. Chiropractic is a calling. It’s not your usual health care. He’s used to seeing weird and fantastic things from being in the Army… So… For the past 18 years, he has dedicated himself to the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic.

He has seen ‘miracles’ from 12 years of headaches resolved, a 15-year-old girl in a wheelchair walk with chiropractic adjustments, to 5-hour labor time vs 42-hour first time delivery, 28 years of chronic daily pain GONE, and so many other stories of healing and empowerment.

Dr. Andy enjoys working with people to see their full potential expressed.

Dr. Andy is married to Brandy Eichorst, father to three amazing 2 legged children, and three 4 legged pups. He loves the water; the salty air is a must for life in his opinion.




Dr. Andy Eichorst


Meet The Staff


Staff Members

Laura Jennejohn

Laura Jennejohn - Office Manager

Laura Jennejohn is the office manager and Financial Chiropractic Assistant.  She is often the first smiling face to greet patients as they arrive.  Laura has been a part of Rosemont Chiropractic family since 2006 and  a patient of  Dr. Leib's prior to joining our team.  Laura is originally from Rochester NY,  a graduate of SUNY Brockport with a BS in psychology.  She then moved to Virginia Beach in 2005 where her husband accepted a job with the City of Virginia Beach.  You may often see Laura's husband and 2 little girls Mia and Gianna getting adjusted in the office, this is how she keeps her family heatlthy.  Laura's favorite part about working at Rosemont Chiropractic is meeting new people and seeing the amazing changes everyday in patients' lives, as well as in her own family's, thanks to chiropractic care.

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Nicole Witcher

Nicole Witcher - Chiropractic Assistant

Nicole Witcher is our Chiropractic Assistant, and Laura’s right-hand gal. You will see her at the front desk checking out patients, scheduling appointments, and getting you signed up for health care classes. Nicole has been a part of our team since 2010 and in 2014 welcomed a baby girl into the world, Arabella.  She is sure to get her adjusted to keep her healthy. Nicole loves meeting new people and being a part of their journey to a healthier life.

Heidie Friar

Heidie Friar - Massage Therapist

Heidie Friar has specialized in deep massage therapy since 2004, also provides comfort therapy and prenatal massage. She enjoys the connection of people and their body for improved health and passion for life. She teaches our monthly yoga classes, for various levels of participation, for over 6 years. She loves the relaxing bridge of body and mind yoga provides. Massage prepares the body to utilize chiropractic adjustment more efficiently, and allows the body to remain more balanced.

Tamara Lyons

Tamara Lyons - Massage Therapist

Tamara Lyons started her massage journey off in September 2002 at the Advance Fuller School of massage and joined Rosemont Chiropractic in 2006. She absolutely loves massage. Tamara enjoys doing many modalities and a few of her favorites are Deep tissue, sports, injury and pre natal. She caters her massage to the individual on her table and applies multiple modalities during each session.

Tamara Lyons

MeganMassage Therapist

My name is Megan, the owner of I Am Wellness LLC. I am a Licenced Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Practitioner, Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Reiki Master & Alkaline Herbalist. My curiosity in massage and holistic healing began with a specific interest in oncology. To help those who are suffering with cancer and ailments like it. I studied and got my initial massage training at the Institute of Health & Healing. After working in the hospice field for a bit In 2017 I decided to delve into the spiritual side of therapy. I became Reiki Master by a leading teacher at Cayce Reilly school of massage. I love learning new modalities because my clientele varies from those with ailments to those who want to just relax. I studied at the Academy of Lymphatic Studies to be certified in lymphatic drainage to help with swelling, inflammation and initial healing after surgery. Alongside my Drainage studies I became a Certified Medical Massage Therapist specializing in manual therapy. My motto is that you deserve this! Massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity for health and longevity.